The craft of fine leather has a long tradition in italian furnishings history and ever since the seventeenth century this technique had been used to upholster armchairs, chairs and sofas. Since 1800 the women of Cecilia Bordoni's family were introduced to the art of embroidery and decoration of 'chiselled' leather so called because of the tool named 'chisel' they used for hammering out the leather to get a decorated surface to create cushions and home furnishings.

At the beginning of last century Cecilia's grandmother, Ida Pasquali, started a business by creating leather made articles using the techniques inherited by her family then, after the post-war period, an antique dealer asked her to reproduce 'impressed leather' he needed for his antique armchairs to be upholstered. After researching and studying the techniques that were used in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries she succeded in reinventing a similar technique allowing to reproduce the original one. Her creative power, artistic instinct and skilfulness as well as the use of original vintage designs allowed her to place her works in the antiques market, wherever needed to restore seats etc.. thus enabling the philological recovery of historical and artistic high value furniture. Since then, such artistic skill has become a sort of 'family art' and this is the way it has been handed down to Cecilia Bordoni who, through Bordoni Leathers brand has enriched its applications in furniture field, such as contemporary style furniture upholstery, boiserie panels and furnishings.


Cecilia Bordoni's company ethos is based on the belief that exclusive handicrafts contain within themselves important values that transmit emotions. Armchairs, chairs, sofas and boiserie can be custom made changing size and details in comparison to the prototype or applying those colors, designs or type of technique that most harmonize with the room where furnishing will be accomodated. This is possible thanks to the handmade production of each piece of furniture: from frame, stuffing, to leather decoration. 'Bordoni Leathers' bespoke creations allow to own one-offs, conceived to meet customer's personal taste and to be perfectly integrated in the room where they will be accomodated


The well known tradition of 'Made in Italy' is perfectly brought out by each piece created by Cecilia Bordoni in the preciousness of materials decoration and in the craftsmanship quality of the product created by highly skilled Italian masters. In tune with the changing times and tastes, today 'Bordoni Leathers' stylistic range is able to move freely from Italian classic style to contemporary design. Each creation, therefore, can be made with all kinds of decorated leather, from classic Venetian finish to embossed finish, from the spectacular chrome finish to the trendy flou finish. This is made possible by Cecilia Bordoni's 100% handmade working.